Saturday, June 5

Oats we sow

I love Gregory and the Hawk. I've loved them since the very first time I heard Boats and Birds, the singer is phenomenal at singing and songwriting. Moving on, (this is another quick post,) I hadn't had dinner because I needed a nap so I just finished a nice plate of apple slices and goat cheese (with chives!) on bread. Yummmm.

I was definitely inspired by Elizabeth Fuss' "Baguette + Cheese + Honey." My dish and picture certainly aren't as elegant as her's, but I just figured I'd note that I had read her blog before making my dinner. [:

I've been finding a plethora of amazing blogspots and flickrs, and I'd love to list them all but I'm not sure how comfortable bloggers are about being read by COMPLETELY random people. I figured everyone expected it, but apparently not. I have no issue with "lurkers," but I suppose that's because I don't really comment on the blogs I read.

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