Sunday, May 30

I spent half of my day concentrating on burgers, and those burgers were DELICIOUS. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the final product, so here are two random pictures. No stories today, I'm very sleepy. [:

Homemade Hummus

and a self portrait of meee!


Hi there! I've been trying to sew a bit more lately, but I don't have very good sewing skills! After tampering with the tension on my boyfriend's mom's Singer I've got a working, but very temperamental machine. I'm taking a "plunge in" approach to sewing, so I started out with a top that I hadn't ever worn out (my mom bought it for me, and it wasn't really my style.) I was inspired by an Anthropologie shirt. I still need to finish a lot, I don't quite know if I want to add pockets but I think I will. It still needs to be taken in and I have to make some... binding? I think that's what it's called. Oh man, I am seriously in over my head.

Definitely contemplating adding this pretty eyelet trim to it.

An off-topic picture (I seem to be including at least one or two to each post!) My boyfriend's aunt made this for me as a Christmas present last year, it's very sweet and pretty.

Saturday, May 29

A quick snippet

I've been lusting over so many different storage options for jewelry and knick knacks, but most cute earring stands are expensive. This past Valentine's day, my boyfriend asked me to choose a box of chocolates while we were at the store (I'm very choosey, but not picky!) Seeing as I'm not very big on gorging candy, the chocolates lasted us a while. When the last delicious piece was devoured, I thankfully decided to keep the cute container the sweets came in.

Wednesday, May 26

Mail and Bows

Last month I donated to We Love Liam's fundraiser. I received a few letterpress pieces, along with an extra special surprise that I don't want to ruin for all of those who have yet to receive their cards! I won't write too much about it because I highly recommend visiting their touching blog:

I took a few pictures of the cards, and one of my Etsy project that is finally getting started. I'm trying to design hair pieces, earrings, and other accessories. I'm not sure what adhesive I should use for the fabric to metal bond, but for now I'm trying out Krazy Glue!

Tuesday, May 25

Inspiration: Rose Quartz and Chain

As promised, here's a few pictures of my bracelet, along with its' inspiration from It's not exactly finished because I REALLY LOVE THE SHOP RUCHE ONE, but the stones are pretty enough to suffice for now!

Midnight blogging

Hello again!
I took school off today because I had a rough night, and I've been feeling a bit sick. I decided to cheer myself up with some "virtual window shopping," as in looking through catalogs from stores I won't be able to buy from (as long as I'm an unemployed/freelancing college student!) I was a SLAVE TO MY SEWING MACHINE today. I'm a horrible sewer, and I couldn't sew a proper tube or ruffle if you asked me to! Despite all this, I went ahead and reconstructed the sleeves on a cardi I absolutely love. I haven't been courageous enough to wear due to big sleeves that look like massive "heybabies."

Natalie Dee comics

Moving on, The sleeves are ultra cute, but the cardigan is still a bit oversized. I'm not going to worry about it though, my heart sinks whenever I dare think of getting rid of it in favor of a new one.

I'm definitely on a diy kick this week, as I made a pretty bracelet and some earrings to go with it. The bracelet will have to wait 'til another post, but here's some pictures of my pretty Eiffel tower earrings, my favorite nailpolish (which matches the earrings and bracelet,) my super awesome free Starbuck's lunch, and my haphazardly altered cardigan.

Monday, May 24

Busy week!

I've been gone a bit longer than I ever expected, these are the main reasons I've been gone:
1. my boyfriend's parents are renovating their kitchen
2. I had a big test come up for my history class (we don't have study guides! EEK!)
3. I've been watching Lost non-stop!

I'll post a before and after picture of the kitchen after they finish, which probably wont be until the middle of next week, but it's such a beautiful revamp. We spent this weekend priming all the walls, but we've only painted the ceiling with one coat of actual kitchen paint so far. It's exciting!

Picture time!

Here's Penny sleeping in a funky spot. We were moving plates and food around so she decided to rest instead of walking back and forth following Justin's mom.

And here's a picture of my first real embroidery project! [:

Monday, May 10


Hi, today is another "i can't talk much but I've got foodporn for you" day! [:

Hooray! We got Alfajores yesterday, we had a lovely lunch with my boyfriend's parents, grandparents, his aunt and uncle, his siblings, and all their doggies for Mother's Day!

Have a great evening!

Saturday, May 8

Feng shui

Today we rearranged my boyfriend's kitchen. I don't have much to say today (that's usually how I am!) but I wanted to update with some pictures of my lunch and a picture that my boyfriend took of his boston Penny!

That's all for now, and to those of you who celebrate, have a good mother's day tomorrow!!

Friday, May 7

DIY: Gift Bow!

First off, this isn't a tutorial (sorry!!) you can however find one on How About Orange. I had to adjust the measurements as my gift bow needed to be smaller, but the tutorial was extremely helpful!

I made the bow as a gift for my cousin's 20th birthday, and I couldn't decide whether to make a necklace or a headband, so I adapted and made it easy to slip on and off the headband.

Hope you like my pictures!

New Beginnings

The idea of starting a blog has always intimidated me. I'm awful at keeping to any schedule, and I've never been very organized. I hope to keep this blog going at a steady pace, and for it to be a place for positive thoughts and attitudes.

Here's to a happy, peaceful blog!