Wednesday, June 30


Today I needed to bake. I think that if I had a past life, I was definitely a baker. I've been so melancholy because we haven't had a stove in a while (due to the renovation,) so I'm VERY happy that my boyfriend's mom hooked it back up!

I got the recipe from Artisan Bread in Five! My dough was a bit wet because I forgot to put the yeast in, so I added more water and neglected to chill my dough! I think maybe adding the yeast late made the bread a tiny bit denser than it would be but OH MY GOSH this. is. DELICIOUS.

I made a braid and a loaf, and I feel so proud of my bread. I would seriously consider casting it in gold and putting it on a pedestal, but both of the experiments came out tasting so good. The braid has pesto in it, and it rose a lot while I baked the loaf so there's this perfect little amount in each slice that tastes sublime. The cinnamon bread is very good too, but I wasn't in the mood for sweet bread. I just made it so I could bake something pretty!

Anyway I'll stop gloating and slap some pictures down so you can drool and click away at the link for the recipe! Click Click Click!

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