Tuesday, May 25

Midnight blogging

Hello again!
I took school off today because I had a rough night, and I've been feeling a bit sick. I decided to cheer myself up with some "virtual window shopping," as in looking through catalogs from stores I won't be able to buy from (as long as I'm an unemployed/freelancing college student!) I was a SLAVE TO MY SEWING MACHINE today. I'm a horrible sewer, and I couldn't sew a proper tube or ruffle if you asked me to! Despite all this, I went ahead and reconstructed the sleeves on a cardi I absolutely love. I haven't been courageous enough to wear due to big sleeves that look like massive "heybabies."

Natalie Dee comics

Moving on, The sleeves are ultra cute, but the cardigan is still a bit oversized. I'm not going to worry about it though, my heart sinks whenever I dare think of getting rid of it in favor of a new one.

I'm definitely on a diy kick this week, as I made a pretty bracelet and some earrings to go with it. The bracelet will have to wait 'til another post, but here's some pictures of my pretty Eiffel tower earrings, my favorite nailpolish (which matches the earrings and bracelet,) my super awesome free Starbuck's lunch, and my haphazardly altered cardigan.

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