Monday, May 24

Busy week!

I've been gone a bit longer than I ever expected, these are the main reasons I've been gone:
1. my boyfriend's parents are renovating their kitchen
2. I had a big test come up for my history class (we don't have study guides! EEK!)
3. I've been watching Lost non-stop!

I'll post a before and after picture of the kitchen after they finish, which probably wont be until the middle of next week, but it's such a beautiful revamp. We spent this weekend priming all the walls, but we've only painted the ceiling with one coat of actual kitchen paint so far. It's exciting!

Picture time!

Here's Penny sleeping in a funky spot. We were moving plates and food around so she decided to rest instead of walking back and forth following Justin's mom.

And here's a picture of my first real embroidery project! [:

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