Sunday, May 30


Hi there! I've been trying to sew a bit more lately, but I don't have very good sewing skills! After tampering with the tension on my boyfriend's mom's Singer I've got a working, but very temperamental machine. I'm taking a "plunge in" approach to sewing, so I started out with a top that I hadn't ever worn out (my mom bought it for me, and it wasn't really my style.) I was inspired by an Anthropologie shirt. I still need to finish a lot, I don't quite know if I want to add pockets but I think I will. It still needs to be taken in and I have to make some... binding? I think that's what it's called. Oh man, I am seriously in over my head.

Definitely contemplating adding this pretty eyelet trim to it.

An off-topic picture (I seem to be including at least one or two to each post!) My boyfriend's aunt made this for me as a Christmas present last year, it's very sweet and pretty.

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